Condensation Control for Pipes + Tanks

Condensation Problems? No Sweat.

For more than 50 years, Tnemec has been providing the water industry with high-quality, innovative coatings and linings designed to protect valuable infrastructure. Recognized as an industry leader, Tnemec products have helped guard pipes, valves, tanks and more, from the deteriorative effects of corrosion.

Aerolon Blue Pipe

Our newest innovative coating guards against problems associated with condensation in water and wastewater treatment facilities. Tnemec's fluid-applied thermal insulating coating, Aerolon, gives owners and engineers the ability to control condensation, reduce heat/cold transfer and provide a personnel protection barrier. 

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Featured Projects: Condensation Control

Aerolon provides condensation control for facilities around the globe, helping to reduce the frequency and severity of condensation while providing corrosion protection to processing equipment, pipe galleries and water tank interiors (dry).


Reach out to your local representative to install a smart sensor, which will monitor your facility and help you limit unneccessary costs associated with coating projects. We'll set you up with the small device for free, and help you understand the results.

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A smart sensor could save you significant costs during your condensation control project.

Water Bottle Coated with Aerolon; Anti Condensation Test

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